IKU Japanese Fusion

IKU, an extraordinary Japanese restaurant. The Japanese word “IKU” means “GO” and we want you to GO for something new and extraordinary, giving you the unexpected sentiment that can only be found with us. Despite having said this, we do serve the traditional sushi for those discerning ones.

Secret lies in the versatility and diversity in its taste. Instead of just dipping that sushi in soya sauce and wasabi, IKU offers a plethora of sauces for you to choose. Imagine that one slice of salmon that can let you savour in 10 different possible tastes. How cool is that? That’s what IKU fusion sushi is all about, investing this into a business, combining both tradition and its unique culinary approach, and promoting this to every fellow Malaysian. It is of great pleasure to see people are getting more and more gratifying, and accepting to this unique cuisine. If you have never tried it, you will never know how good it tastes. So Go!