Wonderland, Funfair

Exciting Retail Mix For Everyone

B-Land focuses on everyone and the retail mix will cater to everyone’s lifestyle, both kids and adults preferences. There is also an established anchor tenant to cater to the general public.

A youth population that is growing

Colleges & Universities
students nearby
knowledge workers within SS2 area

Current Tenants

Joon Dining serves modern European fare with a touch of Asian influence. Joon mainly offers sharing plates, with a strong focus on seafood.

Location: Lot 1, B.LAND

Nippori Bistro serves Japanese, French and English cuisine. Menu has variety of choices serving all day dining from breakfast, lunch, teatime to dinner. One picturesque spot that you won’t want to miss here is the oversized portrait art of the Fat Mona Lisa enjoying her glass of wine.

Location: Lot 2&3, B.LAND

Miyako land used to be one of the first Okinawa style Izakaya in Malaysia. You can enjoy from the traditional Okinawa dishes to modern izakaya menu here in Miyako land. There are more than 30 types of yakitori to choose from, using charcoal to perfectly grilled every stick.

Location: Lot 4, B.LAND

Pepo Pizza is known for its thin-crust pizza, which is made with high-quality ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers a variety of appetizers, salads, and desserts.

Location: Lot 5, B.LAND

Menya Shishido is an authentic and traditional full-bodied Japanese Hakata style Ramen.

Location: Lot 6&7, B.LAND

Long Black Bar is a hidden bar that offers a range of Western cuisine, including dishes such as burgers, steaks, and pasta. The cocktails and “ciakpas” may complement the Western food offerings, providing a varied dining experience.

Location: Lot 8, B.LAND

Butty Boy Cooks offers exclusive Thai and Western cuisine, along with desserts, make them a great option for those looking for high-quality, locally sourced food with a unique and diverse flavour profile.

Location: Lot 9, B.LAND

White Ballroom is an event space with Renaissance style mixed with modern facade, with glasses as ceiling and wall, the venue is always sun-lit. Suitable for many occasions and event.

Location: Lot 10, B.LAND